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Resident Services

Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Unit

Our missions is to provide a high quality of life for persons with Alzheimer's and related Dementia by maximizing cognitive physical and social abilities through holistic, activity based programs. Our Programs are designed to meet the changing cognitive needs of the individual with Dementia. We offer the opportunity for our dementia residents to take responsibility for his/her life activities within their functional abilities. Our Family Support Network provides family members with an opportunity to make quality of life decisions, as well as serving as a support network and educational source for families. Midway professionals are here to provide the safe and supportive environment your loved one deserves.

24 Hour Nursing Care

Midway Neurological and Rehabilitation Center provides a Medical Director with a team of 15 Doctors. Our team of Licensed Nursing Professionals meets the daily needs of our diverse resident population in a prompt and dignified manner. Our nursing staff utilizes a state of the art documentation system while working closely with an interdisciplinary team to develop an individual plan of care to meet the needs of our residents.

Wound Management

  • Assessment and management of Stave I-IV wounds.
  • Modalities include wound vacuum, pulse levage, sharps debridement, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and enzymatic debridement.
  • Wound care physician rounds with the wound care team weekly.
  • Program managed by a wound care certified nurse.
  • Team approach to wound care includes nutritional, medical and therapy consult.
  • Direct Physical Therapy participation in wound management.

Social Services

The transition from home to Midway Neurological and Rehabilitation Center will be an adjustment for both resident and family. Our professional staff is trained to address your concerns with experience, knowledge and compassion. Our staff is always available to address your needs throughout your stay. Qualified Social Service staff will assist you with health care power of attorney as well as discharge planning needs allowing re-entry back into the community.