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Targeting Your Needs

Midway Neurological Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • Therapy services available six days per week
  • All therapy services monitored by a Board Certified Physiatrist
  • Detailed physical assessment prior to initiation of custom-designed exercises to maximize your physical performance after surgery
  • A State-Of-The-Art therapy gym, pain management devices, cardiac recovery equipment, home duplicated environment

Neurological Disorders:

All disorders with neurological involvement including stroke, MS and brain disease.

Cardiopulmonary Therapy:

Strengthening of the heart and lungs with energy conservation techniques.

Gait/Balance Disorders:

Retraining and maximizing function after injury or disability.

Braces and Splints:

Assessment and treatment for extremities requiring a brace or splint.

Pain Management:

All pain related to injuries, disorders, pre and post-surgery, and disability.

Swallowing Disorder:

Treatment and on-going assessment of muscular function as related to swallowing.

Orthopedic Disorders:

Pre and post-surgery, sprains, strains, muscle re-education, upper and lower extremity.

Memory/Voice Disorders:

Retaining of word recall and production of words, sentences, and complete sentences.

Strengthening /Exercise:

Individualized programs tailored to each patient.

Activities of Daily Living:

Training and re-training techniques provided to assist with performance of daily activities.

Fine Motor Therapy:

Treatment to improve fine motor abilities in self care and within the workforce.